SGC praised for delivering 17 boats and OBMs – Solomon Star News

THE Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) commended Guadalcanal South Constituency (SGC) MP Rollen Seleso and his Constituency Office for their continued support and delivery of meaningful projects aimed at improving the social and economic livelihoods of its rural populations. .

This was after MP Seleso, Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, last Friday handed over 17 fiberglass boats and a 40 horsepower outboard motor (OBM) with their accessories to the first 17 SGC communities in Honiara.

The boats and OBMs which cost SBD$1.7 million in Constituency Development Funds (CDF) were received by the 17 presidents representing their communities in the constituency. Actual delivery to communities is scheduled for this week.

MP Rollen Seleso delivers his speech.

The boats and OBMs were purchased as part of the Guadalcanal South Constituency 2022 Emergency Transportation Project, Emergency Commitments.

Representing the MRD at the official handover, Timoly Carter, Senior Officer and Principal Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, said the ministry is confident that the 17 presidents who received these assets will ensure the effective and efficient management of these assets at the serving their rural populations.

“MRD believes that the support you receive from your MP, the Honorable Seleso, will serve its purpose for many years to come,” she said.

Ms Carter said the MRD through its Constituency Development Program will continue its support to improve the development of basic rural infrastructure for every Solomon Islander.

She also added that the 17 boats and OBMs were procured under the Constituency Development Program through the Constituency Development Fund 2022, purposely for the emergency commitments of the 17 communities.

“Emergency transport is in line with MRD Strategic Objective 3; an integrated development process that facilitates a sectoral approach and promotes genuine partnership for rural development.

“It also aligns with Strategic Development Goal 9; Objective 1 of the innovation and infrastructure and national development strategy; sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Ms. Carter further added that the MRD is confident that this support from the CDF will further strengthen the collaboration that exists between the national government and the people of Guadalcanal South Constituency.

Timoly Carter, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, delivers his remarks on behalf of MRD.

She affirmed that the MRD is fully committed to ensuring that all rural Solomons participate meaningfully in development activities to improve their social and economic livelihoods.

Minister Seleso, in turn, thanked the national government and the MRD for the financial support.

“As your leader, I will ensure that these boats and OBMs perform their duties in our communities.”

He said that the SGC has its own development plan for the constituency covering three main pillars, namely infrastructure, social and productive sector and transport.

He said that due to the limited resources the constituency has, it cannot provide boats and OBMs to individuals at this time, only to communities.

“We already purchased a vessel (Southern Coast 1) last year to serve our people in South Guadalcanal. Now it is important that we deliver these vessels to communities on purpose for emergency purposes so that our people help them when needed, such as transporting the sick to hospital or providing logistical support for community programs and activities.

“There are other communities that have not yet received their boat and OBM support and we plan to deliver their projects next year,” he said.

MP Seleso, MRD agent, constituency agents and representatives of beneficiary communities during the handover program.

Minister Seleso urged the community committees responsible for boats and OBMs to take good care of the assets to ensure that they serve the people of the communities.

“A lot of development is ahead and we must continue to support each other and work together to ensure that we achieve our development aspirations to improve the livelihoods of our people in rural areas south of Guadalcanal” , did he declare.

He further encouraged the 17 communities in his constituency to take care of the properties and use them for the greater good of the voters.

Meanwhile, Community Beneficiary Representative Francis Netana thanked their MP for his continued support through the Constituency Development Program and assured Minister Seleso that communities will certainly look after the assets of a million bucks.

Beneficiary community representatives with boats and OBMs.

Netana thanked the national government through SGC for the generous donations of boats and OBMs which he said will “really” help communities in times of emergency.

“This is a major achievement for us and we are very grateful to our MP and the national government for their help.”

An agreement to safeguard the use of the assets was also signed between the recipients (17 communities) of the boats and OBMs and the constituency of South Guadalcanal.

RM Fiberglas Engineering Company, which is also a government preferred supplier, built the boats. The local company specializing in the construction of boats and cones, eskies, water tanks, chairs and fiberglass seats. The OBMs were supplied by the Y-Sato company.

The company also builds and supplies boats and canoes for other ridings.


Earnest A. Martinez