Tenby lifeboats launched for fishing boats and kite surfers

Tenby’s two lifeboats were launched at around 10.25am today, Saturday May 21, to the rescue of a fishing boat that was in danger of drifting on rocks.

The fishing boat suffered a fouled propeller off Stackpole Head and weather conditions meant it approached nearby rocks with no way to turn away.

Volunteer inshore rescue craft and all-weather rescue craft crews reached the fastest speed in the area, 10 miles west of Tenby.

As they approached the wrecked vessel, they could see that another fishing boat was towing it towards Stackpole.

After ensuring that the crew of the second fishing vessel were happy to continue towing, the inshore rescue craft returned to station, while the all-weather rescue craft escorted the two vessels to Stackpole, returning to station once the wrecked ship was safely moored.

It was the third call in three days for the Tenby lifeboat. On Thursday May 18, the Inshore Lifeboat was called to the aid of a struggling kitesurfer off Tenby’s South beach.

The volunteer crew was quickly on the water, but as they rode the short distance to South Beach, it was reported that the kiteboarder had managed to disembark safely and had no further problems.

The lifeboat was stopped to return to the station.

The second cry of the day came at 7.20pm after a local fishing boat suffered a fouled rudder and started drifting over rocks near Pidgeon’s Cave, north of the lifeboat station.

The lifeboat is soon on the water and quickly locates the wrecked ship, which is about to run aground on the rocks. The coxswain maneuvered the lifeboat close enough that the towline could be passed, before towing the vessel back to Saundersfoot.

Once inside the harbour, the trailer was cast off, allowing the crew of the stricken vessel to moor alongside the wall.

The lifeboat then returned to the station, arriving at 8:20 p.m.

Earnest A. Martinez