The best boats to buy in GTA Online

There are several vehicle classes in GTA Online, all of which are well known to any veteran of the franchise. However, there is a certain class of vehicles that tends to be overlooked and underrated in GTA Online. This class is boats, which are extremely useful and unique in themselves compared to cars, jets, etc. While boats don’t serve as many purposes as the aforementioned vehicles, they can still be a solid class to collect or store. to be ready for any occasion.

In this guide, we’ll go over what we think are the best boats to buy in GTA Online. This list, however, will not include yachts or the Kosatka submarine, as we believe they are in a class of their own. Instead, we’ll focus on the actual boats, which range from military grade to racing to luxury.

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Best boats in GTA Online

While some players might think that the fastest boats in GTA Online are equal to the best, that’s not entirely true. While that applies to some boats, there are some that aren’t fast at all but might be worth your money more than a boat that can blaze across the Pacific Ocean.

Longfin of Shitzu

The Shitzu Longfin in GTA Online

The Longfin kicks off this list, and for good reason. Not only does the Longfin have the boat’s top speed of 122 miles per hour, but it also features exceptional maneuverability, possibly better than any other boat in GTA Online. Although maneuverability drops a bit thanks to the Longfin’s large body, players can still easily fly around tight turns while maintaining speed. Performance aside, the Longfin has a sleek, slender look that screams luxury. What also screams luxury is its price, which is $2,125,000. It’s by no means the most expensive boat in the game, but it does require players to open their wallets more than other options.

Lampadati Toro

The Lampadati Toro in GTA Online
The Lampadati Toro in GTA Online

The Lampadati Toro is another luxury boat pre-fitted with a decent speedometer and terrific aesthetics. The Toro tops out at around 50 miles per hour, which isn’t quite as fast as the top boats in GTA Online. However, the Toro has high acceleration, which means players will get faster over time, allowing them to overtake another boat in a race or get away from the cops. Its handling is a little dull and it will still cost $1,750,000 to acquire it. However, the Toro is a solid investment that’s great fun to drive.

Pegasus Speeder

The Speeder Pegassi in GTA Online
The Speeder Pegassi in GTA Online

While the Pegassi Speeder doesn’t have the highest rated boat speed in GTA Online, reaching 68 miles per hour, or superior maneuverability and acceleration, it does come with a feature that other boats don’t have. This feature is the ability to be stored on the Galaxy Super Yacht, which comes in handy when planning a heist or waiting on your yacht for other reasons. The Speeder doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either, costing just $325,000. While not the best boat in GTA Online, having the option to be stocked on the Galaxy Super Yacht and offering above average performance makes it a great buy.

Nagasaki Armed Boat

The Nagasaki Armed Boat in GTA Online.
The Nagasaki Armed Boat in GTA Online.

Who doesn’t love a canoe with a machine gun? The Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy is an extremely popular boat in GTA Online, mainly due to its machine gun and overall performance. It has a top speed of 71.50 miles per hour which makes it faster than many standard boats. However, it cannot be used in standard races, so players may need to use the Nagasaki Dinghy for those purposes. The difference between the two is that the standard dinghy has no weapons but can be raced. The price for the army version is $1,850,000, which actually isn’t a bad deal for what you get in return. Comparatively, the price of the unarmored version is only $166,250.

If you want an even better armed boat, you can shell out for the Kurts 31 patrol boat, which costs nearly $3 million. The Patrol Boat has better overall performance than the Dinghy but costs over 50% more.

Speedophile Seashark

The Seashark Speedophile in GTA Online
The Seashark Speedophile in GTA Online

Rounding out our list, the best Jetski in GTA Online. Although not technically a boat, as there are so few high performance Jetskis in the game, we decided to include the Seashark. It has two variants, the standard and the Lifeguard. The only difference between the two is their paint job. Both have a top speed of 67 miles per hour, which keeps them competitive with the top-rated boats in open water. As you might expect, Jetskis also have excellent maneuverability.

Best of all, the Seashark can also be stored on the Galaxy Super Yacht and is inexpensive at just $17,000. If anything, the Seashark is a worthwhile purchase for the simple pleasure of riding a Jetski on the Pacific Ocean in GTA Online.

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