Traditional archery promoted in Brussels


The Yunus Emre Turkish Institute (YEE) and the Archers Foundation organized an event on November 21 to promote traditional Turkish archery in Brussels, the Belgian capital.


The Kemankeş (Archer) project was jointly launched by the two organizations to strengthen friendship and cultural relations between the Turkish and European peoples. Hungarian-born Viktoria Angel, who learned Turkish at the Yunus Emre Institute in Budapest, introduced traditional and modern Turkish archery to participants and provided training.

“I learned traditional Turkish archery three years ago for the Kemankeş project. I teach traditional archery in Hungary,” Angel said, speaking to Anadolu Agency. .

The event, where information on the place of archery in Turkish history and culture was given, attracted people of all ages.

At the end of the event, where most participants had their first experience shooting arrows, sets of bows and arrows were presented to those who passed the competition.

Laura Batalla Adam, secretary general of the European Parliament’s Turkey Forum, said she tried to shoot an arrow while attending the event for her own personal gain.


“It was tough, but I loved it,” she said.

Stressing that such events are important for building bridges between the Turkish and European peoples, bringing Turkey and the European Union closer together and improving cultural relations, Adam said: “It is good to see that there has recently been a increase in organizations that we can call “soft diplomacy”.

Earnest A. Martinez