Transgender archer banned from women’s archery in Texas

According to KXAN News, the TFAA appointed four people to a protest committee, which spent three weeks reviewing the complaints and ultimately emailed its decision to Pyne on April 5. The group unanimously decided that Pyne was ineligible to receive the TFAA Senior Female Freestyle titles. Shooter of the Year and State Champion. They also decided that transgender archers could no longer compete in women’s events, but could still compete for men’s titles.

The committee’s three-page decision reads: “In the event that male-to-female transgender athletes are allowed to compete as women, the TFAA protest committee is concerned that in 20 years, all female records, in all sports, will be held by transgender people, and no women’s records will be held by biological women. How is that fair to women?”

The report goes on to say that Texas competitive records show “men setting higher records in nearly every division and style of archery.” They also wrote that they had compared the scores of the archers at the last Olympics, and these showed that the women would not have won a medal if they had faced the men.

“This additional evidence supports the decision of the TFAA Protest Committee that a ‘level playing field’ would not exist if Pyne were allowed to compete as a woman,” reads the committee’s report.

Earnest A. Martinez