Two Pakistani fishing boats seized at border of stream in Gujarat; those on board flee

BSF Bhuj seized two Pakistani boats near the international border when they saw them approaching Indian territory at Harami nala near Kutch. Seeing the BSF patrol coming towards them, the fishermen got off the boat and fled to Pakistan.

The seized boats were thoroughly searched, but nothing of significance was found except nets and fishing gear.

Problem of Pakistani fishermen entering Indian waters

Indian fishermen are not allowed to enter the creek area, however, Pakistani fishermen enter from the Indian side to catch fish. When they see BSF boats approaching, they sometimes abandon their boats and flee to the Pakistani side.

Here is the number of Pakistani boats and fishermen captured

Month Boats fishermen

July 10 4
June 9 3
May 9 3

Improving security infrastructure along the Indo-Pakistan maritime border

Security facilities along the Indo-Pakistan maritime border in Gujarat will be improved in view of the increasing number of Pakistani incursions into the region, official sources informed on August 3, PTI reported.

According to the information, all-weather posts, advanced power and water supply systems and the installation of monitoring equipment will be carried out in the areas of Harami Nalla and Sir Creek, which face severe weather conditions. difficult and unfavorable geographical terrain spread over an area of ​​100 km.

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla asked the BSF to speed up the development of infrastructure works in the border areas of Harami Nalla and Sir Creek, during a meeting with senior officials of the OSB on July 16.

Complete the Group A Officer Cadre Exam

During the same meeting, Bhalla also ordered the force to “expedite” the cadre review of Group A (general duty) officers to allow them timely promotions, particularly up to the rank of commanding officer. It is important to note that the review of executives has been delayed for almost a year.


Earnest A. Martinez