Why Archery Builds Are So Popular

Ancient Scrolls The series has always given fans some freedom when it comes to creating and playing characters, as there are multiple builds that can elevate the role-playing elements. Despite all the options available to players, many seem to fall back on archery builds for their characters, often starting with another build before finally focusing on combat using a bow. This has led some to wonder why archery in Skyrim is a skill that seems to appeal to players and why so many people change their character build and playstyle to accommodate ranged weapons.


There are many reasons why archery is such a popular build, from its versatility within factions to Skyrim to the seemingly overpowered nature of the Stealth Archer build. However, one of the main reasons for archery’s popularity is how accessible it is to beginners, as newcomers will quickly discover that an archery build is one of the styles of easiest game in the game. However, even for more experienced players, an archery build can be both enjoyable and challenging, providing exciting gameplay alongside a skill tree that needs to be well thought out when it comes to choosing benefits.

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Archery skills

The archery skill tree in Skyrim is one of the few trees where almost any skill can greatly improve the character’s overall ability. Unlike skill trees like one-handed or destruction, there are no branching segments that players must unlock based on their weapon of choice; for example, the one-handed tree offers skills that can increase the damage of swords, axes, or maces. Instead, each skill in SkyrimEqually important to a complete archer is the archery tree, with some skills aiding in stealth combat while others enhance combat archery.

For beginners, this makes the archery tree even more appealing, as there is no wrong way to assign skill points. From basic damage buffs to the ability to stun enemies with every shot, skills offer great versatility and can make tougher enemies easier to deal with. Some skills also do Survival Mode Skyrim easier, like the Hunter’s Discipline perk that allows players to recover twice as many arrows from bodies.

Best Weapon in Survival Mode

With the release of Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, Bethesda has introduced a new Survival game mode in which players will be affected by weather, hunger, and fatigue on a much higher level. Additionally, characters will no longer automatically heal, and with many status effects resulting from Fatigue and Hunger levels, players prefer to keep their distance from enemies. This, coupled with hunting becoming an essential activity for players to obtain food without having to purchase it, immediately made archery the best playstyle for Survival Mode.

With the increased reliance on hunting, archery has become one of the most essential skills in Survival Mode, and with the high risk of death due to lack of natural healing, players rely on the skill to maintain distance from heavy hitting enemies. To further improve the player’s chances in Survival Mode, pairing Archery with the stealth skill ensures that players can take out enemies undetected. However, even outside of Survival mode, the Stealth Archer build is one of the most effective builds in Skyrim for both beginners and more experienced players.

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Stealth Archers

Stealth Archers are probably the most popular build in Skyrim due to the high damage numbers and the ability to stay out of combat. While archery skills are extremely useful in the late game, stealth combat skills greatly increase damage, with the base skill giving archery a two multiplier, and other skills l increasing bow damage to three times. The entire sneaky skill tree is solid, making it one of the most versatile and powerful options, and some of the best perks can make players invisible or boost sneaky dagger attacks to fifteen times. normal damage.

A Stealth Archer’s playstyle also makes it the ideal build for beginners, as it requires less focus on fighting tough enemies and most players can sneak in to kill. Additionally, it’s one of the few builds that allows players to easily join three factions without having to change their playstyle. The Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild rely on stealth and companions need a weapon, making it a versatile build that will allow players to experience most Skyrim missions without having to focus on skills that are not necessary for stealth archers.

Although there are many options available to players of Skyrim seeking to create unique and interesting builds, archery seems to be the one that many still fall back on. From a safer style of combat through range and stealth to its prominence in Survival mode, archery builds deserve to be one of the most popular picks. From beginners to experts, every player can find a way to use archery, helping them defeat the many enemies of Skyrim while ensuring that they can still complete most faction quests without having to teach their characters an entirely new skill set.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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