Wolverines puts all boats in the small finals on Day 2 of the NCAA Championships

Wolverines puts all boats in the small finals on Day 2 of the NCAA Championships

To place: Sarasota, Florida (Nathan Benderson Park)

Event: NCAA Championships (Day 2 of 3)

First Varsity Eight result: 6:36.373 (5th of 6)

Next UM event: May 29 — at NCAA Championships – Day 3 (Sarasota, Fla.), 9:22 a.m.

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SARASOTA, Florida. –The No. 8-ranked University of Michigan rowing program advanced all three boats to the small final in the Day 2 semifinal of the NCAA Championships on Saturday, May 28. Rowing at Nathan Benderson Park, Maize and Blue placed fifth (first varsity eight), sixth and fourth to qualify all three boats for the small final.

Skies were cloudy with temperatures reaching 80 at the start of the race, gradually increasing throughout the day. With a light westerly wind and a brief drizzle, the water conditions were slightly rougher than on the first day of competition. Racing was neck and neck throughout the morning as the boats sought to secure their place in Sunday’s (May 29) finals.

The Wolverines started their morning with the 1V8 race, lining up in lane six adjacent to Yale. Princeton and Washington, lane four and lane two respectively, got off to a fast start by taking the lead. As the two boats battled for the lead, Stanford started to show his speed to get his bow into a good position. Michigan was using speed to keep up with early race leaders but fell to fifth after Yale moved its arc to fourth.

There was a close battle between Washington, Stanford and Princeton at the 1,500 meter mark as Stanford showed their strength by taking the lead. The race for second place was tight as Washington and Princeton were tied in the competition. Wolverines continued to fight for water on Yale but ran out of class before they could sit out. Michigan came fifth finishing in 6:36.373, fending off Virginia’s final sprint (6:36.673).

The second leg of the 2V8 A/B semi-finals was suspended as the boats were removed from the course due to lightning in the area. Racing was tentatively scheduled to resume at 10:50 a.m. but was rescheduled to 11:40 a.m. When the boats began to line up for the race, the newly developed crosswind meant that lane assignments were adjusted. Boats with the best ranking were allowed to use the leftmost lanes as the wind would favor them.

The 2V8 lined up in the fifth lane between SMU and rival Big-Ten Ohio State. Yale and Stanford were the boats that set the tone at the start of the race. Virginia was third and had the most contact with the two leading crews as Stanford began to take a slight lead at 750 yards. The Wolverines were battling conference rival Ohio State in a race that looked a lot like the Big Ten championship (May 15). At 1200 meters the leading crews began to generate open water from the rest of the peloton. The Buckeyes began to take their place on the Wolverines in the final 500 yards as Michigan finished the race sixth overall.

In the 1V4 event, the Wolverines were lined up in lane three between Texas and Brown. Washington and Texas lost the lead while Michigan trailed in third place after a strong start. Taking long shots to trail the leaders, the Wolverines generated a half-length lead over Brown and Virginia. At 1,000 yards, lane three Texas started picking up a few seats of water on the Maize and Blue, while adjacent lane Brown started breaking water on third place Michigan. Going into the final 500 yards, Michigan was tied with Brown as the two battled it out for the final berth in Sunday’s Grand Finals. Crews paced with blades in the water as the battle continued. The Bears hit 40 shots per minute late in the run as they captured a few seats above Michigan, leaving the Wolverines in fourth place.

UM will be back in action tomorrow for Day 3 of the NCAA Championship Sunday, May 29.


First University Eight
1.Stanford — 6:22.185
2. Washington — 6:23.741
3. Princeton — 6:24.909
4. Yale — 6:32.397
5. MICHIGAN — 6:36.373
6. Virginia — 6:23.673

Second University Eight
1.Stanford — 6:26.132
2. Yale — 6:28.650
3. Virginia — 6:33.634
4. Ohio State — 6:38.048
5. EMS — 6:41.042
6. MICHIGAN — 6:42.844

First university four
1. Washington — 7:09.214
2.Texas — 7:11.366
3. Brown — 7:15.124
4. MICHIGAN — 7:18.684
5. Rutgers — 7:24.158
6. Virginia — 7:24.158

University range

1V8: Charlotte Powers (helmsman), Jessica Schoonbee, Katie Easton, kate burns, Grace Collins, Elena Collier-Hezel, Abigail Tooth, Gabrielle Graves, Ariana Shokoohi

2V8: Ainslie Evans (helmsman), jeri rhodes, Carla Russell, Sarah McKay, Brooke Gietzen, Zara Collisson, Noa Sreden, Catherine district, Victoria Cook

1V4: Cecile Spesia, Emma Luniewicz, Aubrey Fitt, Annaka Draaisma, Kaitlin Nemeh (helmsman)

Results: Day 1

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