You wouldn’t have seen such an archery, standing on your hands and kicking your feet accurately

Whenever we talk about a great archer, we remember the character ‘Arjuna’ from ‘Mahabharata’, who made ‘Draupadi’ his own by shooting an arrow in the eye of the fish after seeing the water in the swayamvar with his archery skills. But seeing the archer in this video, you won’t believe your eyes, because we see this archer executing the bow not with his hands, but with his feet. If you don’t believe, watch the video yourself.

watch the video here

At the start of the video, a girl is first seen aiming with her hands with a bow and arrow, but after a while she does something that everyone is surprised to see. We see the girl aim precisely with her feet instead of her hands. Likewise, in the video, the girl is seen leaning forward and aiming on her back, seeing that it can be a bit hard to believe her eyes at first.

Later in the video, the young girl is seen telling that she started training in archery from 2015, that too when she did not know much about it, but she is gradually become an expert in the subject, as in the video. may be seen. Other than that, this girl practices archery in different ways as the ground can slip under anyone’s feet. This video was shared on Facebook social media platform which has gotten 63 million views so far, while 333,000 people liked this video and 11,000 people reacted to this video.

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