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With the driver scanning the water for fish activity above and anglers sitting comfortably below, this design is ideal for situational awareness at all levels.

Spend some time fishing the mid-west coast of Florida and you’ll likely notice a recurring theme in the design of prime coastal fishing guides. The design, featuring a raised section fore and aft with a recessed cockpit used for passenger seating, was popularized by Young Boats of Inglis.

The concept, which was introduced in their GulfShore line, has become the benchmark for guides in this part of Florida and for good reason. Young Boats places the guide and control of all boat systems at the rear of the boat in front of the engine. It’s a brilliant layout that allows a guide to oversee all activity, spot fish and control a trolling motor and set anchors from an elevated perch. Seats for traveling between spots are just forward and can be configured in one or two rows for up to four passengers. Adding adequate seating for multiple passengers in front of the driver who can easily communicate with his group below is also a good idea. The remaining bow section is an incredibly spacious casting area so everyone can share the fishing space. Utilizing most of the forward deck space for the fishing room ensures plenty of room to maneuver for everyone.

Plenty of space for compartments is found below deck and a pair of livewells of 40 and 20 gallons respectively are standard equipment. There are still plenty of opportunities to utilize the remaining space between dry storage and insulated fish holds. The space below the raised decks can be configured to meet individual needs. One of the many benefits of having a custom boat built is your ability to end up with a boat that perfectly suits your style.

While GulfShore boats were originally designed as inshore platforms, as the models increase in size they are much more capable of performing both inshore and offshore dual duty. The GulfShore 24 proved to perform very well both inshore and offshore at Stuart where we tested it. The fact that professionals who spend every hour of their working day on a boat line up to build one is a testament to the quality and efficiency of this model.

Young GulfShore 24 specifications:

  • Length: 24′ 1″
  • Width: 8′ 6″
  • Draft: 11″
  • Dead rise: 14 degrees
  • Weight: 1650 (without power supply)
  • Max HP: 350
  • Fuel: 60 gallons
  • MSRP: $93,700 (base price with Suzuki 300)

Young GulfShore 24 Specifications
This large compartment below the foredeck is ideal for use as a spacious fishbox or dry storage compartment.
Young GulfShore 24 Specifications
An additional front compartment provides more dry storage capacity and space for trolling motor batteries.
Young GulfShore 24 deck plan
The GulfShore’s elevated casting deck provides ample workspace for multiple anglers.
Young GulfShore 24 Specifications
Mounting a pair of Llebroc chairs to a riser rather than pedestals creates useful gear storage space and a speaker cabinet.
Young GulfShore 24 reviews
Rod storage under the gunwales is backed by a custom deck mat to protect your reels and is engraved with a logo and measurement line.
Young GulfShore 24 seats
Guest seating can be configured for a single row with a cooler up front (pictured) or double row seating is also offered.
Features of the Young GulfShore 24
A pair of 40 gallon and 20 gallon live wells are included below the raised aft deck.
Young GulfShore 24 Storage
A lift-up liner box under the helm seat provides another dry storage option for gear.
Characteristics of the Young Gulfshore 24
Comfortable double-width Llebroc helm chairs provide a smooth ride for your captain and a companion.
Young Gulfshore 24 full review
From this elevated position, all of your conditions can be monitored and systems operated from this helm module.
Young gulf 24
A sloped forward buggy roof provides sun relief to the helm area and provides accessible storage space for overhead lifejackets.
Young Gulfshore 24 Specifications
Simply lifting the under-helm storage liner opens up a spacious access point to your bilge systems.
Young Gulfshore 24 Specifications
– The high/low seating arrangement found on the Young GulfShore has become the gold standard for West Coast guides due to its practical design.
Young Gulf Shore 24 Specifications
Not an inch of usable space is wasted on the Young GulfShore 24 as seen here.

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